Software that strives to stabilize the main cryptos.

Join the mission of stabilizing BTC and ETH with bots - while aiming for gains in your crypto wealth

Pre-set strategies for you.

You’ll choose between a few options from your dashboard, as the bots & strategies may perform differently in different market environments.

  • You will control the bot
  • The assets remain in your Bybit account
  • Wealthrone cannot withdraw your assets
  • Choose between BTC & ETH
  • Choose from conservative to aggressive strategy
  • Stop the bot anytime you want (and let the cycle to finish)
  • Pay commission only from gains - in BTC or ETH
  • No subscription cost or any fixed fee

Why do Wealthrone’s bots stabilize Bitcoin?

The cryptocurrency marketplace is very volatile, and there is one major reason behind that - lack of limit orders, which results in illiquid order books. This results in the market being very inefficient.

All Wealthrone’s bots are using only limit orders - never buying or selling the assets with the spot price. Also, Wealthrone is using a portion of the software commissions in a special “market making” bot, that has a significant stabilizing effect, if the amount of Bitcoin it uses grows big enough.

The more people and companies join this mission, the more liquidity we are together able to provide to the order books. This aims to eventually stabilize the market and to make Bitcoin a more serious alternative for humankind.


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